temple of love.

a vivid clip from an eager photographer.
not the best sound, but quite fun to watch. / misha.


draw the line.

earlier this year, an extreme right wing party was elected by 5.7% of the swedish voters to join the government. two days ago, sweden experienced an act of terrorism and it's first suicide bombing in central stockholm. the acts had no direct connection with each other, but indirectly they did.

these both events make me sad. i don't get angry about it, enough people are. it is anger, fear and ignorance that form these acts of insanity and their following rash and juvenile precausions. it reminds me how important it is that we think for ourselves and question everything, even ourselves. every single day.

as the world constantly learns more about itself, shouldn't we become more aware and less afraid?
and as the world constantly shrinks with all communicative possibilities handed, is it really that hard to see that we are not all that different as we sometimes believe?

it's all connected. we're all connected. no matter how many borders we draw or walls we build. isolation is devastating. borders are imaginary and only real in our heads.


lingua | Myspace Video

No land's an island
No man's a country
I've never seen a civil

In search of home
Some bury others
Yes, home is everything but
It's not a piece of land

Know what compels us
A vicious catalyst
All borders drawn in blood are
Drawn from our fears

Nothing's forever so why
Piss all these territories
They are not written in stone
They're pissed in snow

Own plot, won't travel
Own fear, will ravel
It builds no man or woman
To inherit pride

Can you speak freely?
Or do you freely sleep?
No land can set me free, no
No land can speak for me

In search of home
Just close your eyes


it's a massace.

ok, fellow rockers. here it is, the ugly naked truth. enjoy the show! / misha.


we've got more coming..

ok, so the tour diary was actually done, but then i figured out how to subtitle the film. so now i still have shitloads to do. give me a few more days on this one..



diary of a mad band.

well, not really. but i'm working on a tour diary video and so far we've packed our gear, driven the distance, soundchecked and warmed up with a little pre party at the hotel. next up is showtime, after party, continental breakfast and the long way home.

i'ma gonna get back to work then...



come talk to me.

i just did an interview for trebuchet magazine, read it here.



the water glass

getting ready for the gig..


apocalypse now and then.

i put together a little clip from our gig at pub anchor last wednesday. tomorrow we head for karlstad in hope to rock some socks off of our fellow swedes. it'll be out first attempt at a video diary so keep your eyes open for updates of me tearing my hair in despair as i try to wrestle modern technology and mold my new found knowledge into something watchable. but first things first, here's us at pub anchor:


anchor steam.

all photos by antonio ravina da silva.



i went to the store and picked me up one of these. if it works like it says it does, you'll be updated with moving pictures a lot more frequently from the lingua camp.
press play on tape!
// misha.


where's me jumper?

this is how good you look when you've been pimped by lingua! i just picked them up and we'll be selling these on gig1 and gig2, the rest will be sold on the world wide web in a near future. i'll tell you when.



rock n roll psychosis.

it only took a month 'cause we are the fastest children in the bunch, but here it finally is: a live clip with two songs from the releaseparty, recorded at lilla hotellbaren in stockholm, sweden, on spetember 27th 2o10. crank the wolume to eleven and play it fullscreen and it will almost feel like you were there (if you weren't there, if you were there this will feel like making a tiny steak from a whole cow).


word up.

a review and another one. they can hear us!
/always misha.

jp is our guy.

on stage in five!

two gigs are booked. both in sweden.

on november 10th we'll be playing pub anchor in stockholm. check out this site and this one too.

on november 19th we're heading to karlstad with our good friends in caballero. we'll be playing at this place on this club.

see you there


q's and a's.

before i answer the few questions we got i'd just like to say i'm kinda glad you didn't ask more questions. it somewhat proves to me i'm not the only one in this world who listenes to the music and couldn't give a shit who the persons behind are. most times, bands are quite uninteresting outside of their soundscape. other times, it's their persona alone that is interesting. therfore i don't read much articles about bands, check out their websites or even read reviews. with all this internet lying around, who needs reviwes anymore? plus, i'm way to busy living to be reading about other people living theirs.

anyways, here goes.

jp wrote -
are you going to make any more albums? i find it sad and irritating that not very much people know of your awesome band.
anyway is there gonna be a new album?

we never know what we are going to do. we pretty much shoot every decision from the hip. right now though, we feel that lingua can go a long way so for now we keep going in that direction. on the other hand, our other bands rövfitta and come sleep came about because we grew tired of always doing lingua, so i definitley think we'll do other stuff as well. but to answer your question: right now we are focusing on promoting this album, but we are eager to get to work on the next.
and as for what our popularity goes, see it as your mission to spread our music to anyone you meet. word to mouth is still number one in our book. go tell the world!

thorsten wrote -
will you support metallica on their next world tour?

we'd love to, but i find it highly unlikely. on the other hand, wouldn't we feel a bit misplaced?

simone wrote -
why aren't you working on a videoclip? you really should do it, it's an amazing way to get attention.

you are absolutely right and we somewhat are. my plan is to make one for prodigal son but i need to come up with an idea that is good and cheap to visualize and then make it myself. something easier said than done when trying to maintain a fulltime work and raising a family. no complaints, i love my life, it just takes time doing some of the stuff. this is still a hobby to us since we don't teally make any money and the money we make go straight to making new records or merch. in shorter words: it's coming, have patience. :)

jp said -
well i did put a video up on youtube of "im not". i would just like to know if there is gonna be another album cuz you can never have enuff lingua.. well i cant anyway..

watch it here.

ian moone wrote -
does anyone know where i can find lyrics? i mean seriously you can find anything on google BUT Lingua lyrics..

for our fist album we didn't want to release them for some artistic reason i can't remeber. for this album we figured we would but forgot to. i have most on my lap top, so mail me at lingua (at) lingua . nu and i'll send all that i have. fair enough?

and that's the end of my lunch break so that's it for this time!
talk to you soon


say it ain't so.

if the questions don't come to the band the band comes to the questions, so here's what i'm thinking: you ask the questions and we'll answer them. so post you questions as comments to this blog post and i'll post a new blog with a bunch of answers. piece of cake! i'll give you a week to sharpen those pencils and formulate your questions and then we'll sit down and answer them. it'll be great.
talk to you soon


i love europe.

since i'm so found of myself i felt i had too google our latest album title and this is what i found.

*the italians keep digging what we do.
*the germans are starting to.
*this guy seem to have his heart into metal and still finds songs to like on our "friendliest" work to date. impressive!
*a swedish fella reminds us that this is indeed a different album than the things we have done before and should be given the benefit of a hearing without preconcieved oppinions.
*here's where to buy the album if you are dutch.
*and here's a polish dude who's grieving the loss of his favourite band, thine.

apparently, we're all over europe.



party hard!

we just wanna say thanks to everyone who showed up to the party yesterday, we had an amazing time! the gig went great, the sound was intense, lots of old and new friends showed up, we sold so many records we're gonna have to order new ones immidiately and the atmosphere was just loving and joyful. thanks a million for sharing this with us! i will try to get a hold of pictures or videos and stuff from this event and post it here. but first i'm gonna have to get through this day of work and then catch up on some sleep.



today is the day we celebrate the day!

wish us luck! and in case yuo can't make it: wish you were there!


the man who sold the world.

and now we're on iTunes as well! a must for all fans new technology who wan't to support the album.


ps. tomorrow we celebrate the release with a huge party! wanna come? ds.


today is the day!

today is the official release date of our latest album 'all my rivals are imaginay ghosts'. i will celebrate that with a fine cigar and some single malt. how will you celebrate?



simply irresistible.

we've got a new website up and running! from there you can easily gain access to the most important lingua sites on the world wide web. you can also download a little press kit including two rather big photos so for all of you who lack lingua posters on your wall you can consider that kit as an invitation to make them yourselves.

and to make things really clear: the facebook group will let you tell other facebook users that you like our music and our myspace has some music and probably the best tour callendar. but this blog will still be the information highway bringing you your lingua truths faster than anyone else.

and do check out last fm. it's awesome!

now go check out new website out!


i bought the law!

ok, so here are the places i know where you can find our NEW album:

www.auralmusic.com (in stock)

and here are some places where you can buy the OLD record:

www.versionstudio.com (in stock)
www.megastore.se (in stock)

if you have found other places that sell them, make a comment about it here! and if you need more options, check the comments to this post.

but the cheapset way to buy it is still at our release party so make sure you don't miss that!


un giorno con lingua.

and as a bonus for all you italian fellas, here's an interview.

Ciao Italia!

and the italians just love us!



hey swedes, buy the record at cdon.com! that is if you are not coming to our release party, then you buy it cheaper straight from us!


loud love!

now, i really shouldn't be writing this, but my hope is that anyone who will attend the release party does NOT follow the following advise. but since most you reading this probably aren't swedes, i'll write it anyway. you see, i just got a hold on some sweet information that our new album is already for sale on auralmusic.com! YES, it's true! go there, buy it, listen to it 'til it's all scratched and unplayable and then buy another copy! BUT, as i said, if you are coming to the party, we wil have sweet deals and you should give your money to us for maximum chance of world domination. now go buy my record!


ps. BUY IT! ds.



i was sent this link, quite fun. me and a couple of friends made a birthday gig last winter and played three tool covers. this is one of them. enjoy!


world wide linguistics.

if hungarian is what floats your boat right now then this is some good reading for you! judging from the only thing understandable for us on the page, the numbers "8/10", we've done good!




our dear friends in a swarm of the sun release their full lenght album zenith today and playing bass on a few tracks is none other than our very own anders carlström. misha, anders and thomas have been part of their live band and it is erik of a swarm of the sun who is versionstudio that recorded and released come sleep and sells our merch. so do check them out on their website and listen to their older stuff on spotify.

in four weeks it's time for another release. good times!



eye of the beholder.

now, this is the undisputed truth: if you are ANYTHING like this guy, you will absolutely agree with his every word. in fact, if i had his taste in music, i would agree the shit out of his review. fortunately, i have not.

for a great reading experience for those who lack a german vocabulary i give to thee: altavista babelfish.

/misha, the uninspired guitarist. ;)

party hard!

you can't release a cd without having a party, right? the plans are still quite vague but these few elements of facts can be considered truths: on september 27th we're having it here. basically, it will be dj's, a chance to be the first to lay your hands on the new cd and, of course, a live performance from the band. but stay tuned as we lay the exact facts down as soon as they are written in stone.

p, a, r, t. y? because we gotta!


its complexity is everything but a handicap.

first review found. looking good! read it here.



true love waits.

ladies and gentlemen, we have a release date!

yes, it's true, on september 24th you will be able to purchase your own copy of lingua's second album "all my rivals are imaginary ghosts". will be back with more info on where to purchase this phenomenal album.

and i've forgotten to tell you, as of july this year, we celebrate a decade as a band! not bad, eh?

//misha. old in the game, young at heart.


Duke Teasem!

hey, kids!

wanna hear some new songs? as of today we've added an album teaser on our myspace! it's a five minute mix of what's to come on the 55 minutes released in september. we also chose to replace the demo versions of disperse! and dejected with the new and improved album versions. and if that ain't enough for you, check out the new designs, both here and on our myspace! smart kids could easily figure out they're teasers as well of what to expcet from the artwork.

today's a great day, can you feel it?



message in a bottle.

the master tape is in the mail and on its way to italy!

buon voyage!


a vicious catalyst.

i'm sitting at home listening to the new lingua album in my headphones as i write this. i just got my hands on the master tape that thomas sent me and i'm telling you, we've created something unbelievable here! when we started the recording of this album we had just bought our first recording gear and begun building our own studio: a 20 square meter rehearsalroom filled with moderate technology. enough to get started, enough to get something on tape. but then what? well, i'll let you all be the judge of the end result when it's out there. but i for one can't place the studio to the end result! it just couldn't have been created there, but i watched it happen!

i can't wait for you all to hear it! but both you and i will have to contain ourselves for another three months for that to happen. gah!!



pennybridge pioneers.

a shitload of pictures were taken this weekend at yeahfestivalen, here are a few of them.

all photos by madelene westling.


and the circus leave town.

it's official. well, it has been for quite some time, but now it's on the internet. for you who don't understand swedish i suggest altavista babelfish or google language tools for a near understanding experience.



i can't get no communication.

ever since the release of "the smell..." we've been listed as latin music on allmusic.com. now, we've heard journalists describe us as goth and had people from the crowd come up after gigs and thankig us for some great emo, so i guess we float arund in different genres and are hard to categorize. and it should be said that i've enjoyed that impession of being hard to pu your thumb on. but even though i don't care much for genres and categories, i wouldn't want them latin lovers to get the wrong impression and mistakenly buy our album for their next salsa fiesta. unfortunately, emailing these guys is not working, so in the meantime i leave you something to giggle at. and, oh, i hope the irony of this is getting through, so you don't think that i'm under the impression of lingua being a big seller or search hit at allmusic.com. i'm not. still funny though.




we're working on it. in the meantime, check out this really old video of us playing 'constant state of puttra' (yup, mascot records spelled it wrong) live at KGB bar in stockholm some five years ago or so. time flies. good times!


on the raod again.

are you sitting at home, bored to your teeth and thinking "gosh, them new lingua tunes sure would be nice to hear, but how am i going to sneak a peak at them before they are released i september?" it's funny you should mention that because..

lingua have been booked for this years edition of yeahfestivalen in örebro, sweden, and will be playing a whole bunch of them steaming hot new tracks on may 29th. stay tuned on their website as they will soon release the full schedual for all 100 bands and 4 stages. and oh, it does get better, the festival is COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE! so come by, have a beer with us and see some good shows. the more the merrier! feel free to organize your carpooling here on our blog or on our facebook fansite. then grab your tent and come on by! you've really no reason not to.

get more info here.



pictures of you.

more photos! here are some from the photoshoot we did today. big thanks to our patient and endurant models john and madelene, you were great!

john is getting ready for the prom.

the crime scene.

make it work!

all play AND work.

ok, maybe not all play..

she made it happen, the great soile!

tightening the noose.

everything is starting to fall into it's right place and we're tying the sack together. last friday we did a gig with come sleep and it felt good claiming and owning a stage again. soile siirtola was there and she took some photos and we talked a bit about the photoshoot she's doing with us today. click on the pic or go to her website and check them photos out.

we've also named all 14 tracks. they're no longer known as "dregd" or "thomas couldn't make it". nope, nowdays they've got cool names like "it's there, it's life" and "in mere defense". and yes, there's an album title, have i mentioned it yet? our next album is going to be called "all my rivals are imaginary ghosts". think about it.. (pun intended for thomas)

all tracks are reay for master. the artwork is set and most of it is done, at least in my head. the end of may doesn't seem that unrealistic to hold as a deadline worth relying on. yay for us!

god speed and good bless!


i can see clearly.

a brief update is the least we can offer you at this piont. thomas' ears are beyond repair right now and i am impressed with his hard work on the mixes. we are at a "final touches" stage after having been served only one set of mixes. as i've said before, we're a trimed machine on this record. focused like marathon runners and oiled like bearings. we're passing all checkpoints on schedual and come may we're officially in mastering.

we've also changed the entire direction of the artwork. earlier we were to work with mattia marchi again (as we did on "the smell..") and even though he's a great photographer, we felt that an album that has such a different vibe than the last should definitely mark that out in the layout. we also wanted to work with a more direct pictual language rather than the sublime artworks we've done before. for this, we've chosen to team up with soile siirtola. a great live photographer who's done a lot of artwork for many great swedish metal bands but who's nature photographing is way more interesting. we've had the meetings, put the ideas to paper and in mid may we'll try capturing them through a lens. my first direction of a photosession. everything is new on this record.

in may we're also hitting the stage twice. once with come sleep (in stockholm on may 7th) and once with lingua (at the yeah festival in örebro on may 29th, more on that as we get the information). for that we need to rehearse and as i wrote before, we haven't done much of that lately. so we're ignoring the fact that we sound like we've only just started and hope to reach the point of a well trimmed earcrusher before it's time to hit the stage. keep your fingers crossed..



in search of the fourth chord.

ever wondered how we write our songs?


my hero

so, peter steele. another late hero. i remember when i discovered type o negative. i was at a party at some girls house and as always, i was too shy to even begin a conversation with a girl so i sat down by the stereo with the other shy guys and listened to metal insread. no girls arund us liked metal so this became a very good way of alienating oneself from them even more. anyways, my friend tommy showed me a new record he had found called "bloody kisses". the two girls kissing on the cover fueled my interest way more than any of the words he uttered about the record. i was sold right away, the provocating athiest in me responded well to songs like christian woman och the angry teen in me on the rest. i later discovered "slow, deep and hard" which spoke to my anger even more. it became a soundtrack for my last five years as a teen. i was and angry a disillusioned kid and the songs humor about all the dark feelings you have as one helped me laugh about it.

as i read that he ws dead i realized a lot of my hereos seem to die. jeff buckley wrote one of the best albums to come out of the 90's and drowned shortly thereafter before finishing its follow up. dimebag darrell was the doer of things impossible in panter but got shot onstage at a damage plan gig for being in the wrong band. another hero drowned in the swedish archipellago leaving wife and kids behind. when esbjörn svensson died, i didn't mourn much of the future music we'd lost as i did the fact that his kids lost their father.

so in retrospect, to all my fallen heroes, here's another videovaganza to feast your eyes

listen to the bassline to the coffe break, simply amazing stuff.

i've only love for drumsets made out of bricks.

one voice, a billion possibilities.

and to sum them up with another fine artist:

a whole river of derchi's to you all! well, except for dave, we hope to keep you everlong.




spare no instrument!

last week we did some final touches to a couple of the songs. 'cobalt sky' got a new intro. we took harrisons vocals and added a distorted drumloop and some organs and it got quite epic. unusual huh? 'cure lou' (wroking title) got some tambourine and 'temle garden' was given a melodica at the end. my friend daniel from vaka is helping us out adding melotrone to a couple of songs as well. all in all most songs already sounded finished, but as we tried stuff out we noticed that some of the songs lifted enormously with the extra touches. other songs didn't really respond to it at all so we decided to let them be and speak for themselves. all in all a good week with great fun, and as of april 1st, we're officially mixing the album! not warp speed, but definitley forward! we also need to rehearse a couple of times for the upcoming come sleep gig we're doing with our friends switch opens, karpis and moloken on may 7th. it's been a while since we played together as a live entity and not just sat down one person at a time recroding.

i'll leave you with the video of the week and some crazy norwegians. their latest album has some real magic going on i tell you. check it out!



sleepwalk capsules.

videoaganza time!

i ran across this video and got a flashback from the year me and thomas started lingua. fresh out of school we sat at his parents house and fell in love with at the drive-in's relationship of command. their album had a lot of influence on lingua's early stuff as well as tool, fireside, deftones and dredg. good times!

oh, and the music nerd in me needs to point out the three different verses in this song (or whatever they are). only the choruses are repetitive. pure genious!

tip of the next day.

its a bit old, but it doesn't get old.


tip of the day

crowds want blood.

ok, so what have we been up to lately? well, i'll tell you. after some sickness we went out and NAILED the last vocals to this record. a most interesting track. the most pop we've ever done, and i don't mean pop as in "help" with the beatles. we also added some zulu to another track, coblat sky. our dear friend harrison from capetown, who is from south africa, came to the studio and added some african vocals and taught me how to so i could do it with him. having spent my youth with peter gabriel albums and the last two years listening to artists such as tinariwen and ali farka touré and also rediscovering paul simon's 80's through vampire weekend, it was an extraordinary experience working with harrison and his musical roots. the song, by the way, lifted itself a fifth notch and once this is fully arranged, edited and mixed it will be one of my absolute favourites on this album.



a duche says what?

so, last night i was trying to make a video tour on our studio/rehersal room about our gear and the conditions of the place we record at, just as i've been asked to do (one of the few requests we've actually gotten). but after two minutes of jibberish i heard the sound of my own stumbling voice and called it quits. it turns out my english is only this good when i write. as soon as i start speaking there's a lot of words thrown in to fill out the blanks and it sounds rediculous. it just doesn't sound cool (or educative for that matter) when a swedish guy says "y' know?", "n' shit" and can only reach for prhrases like "cool sounds" or "awesome noise" to describe what comes out of his speakers. so, if we are to blog about our gear, it needs to be written in words, not spoken in slang.

instead, i did what i do best and worked my stuff on a song we call "dredg" (and by now you should know why). it has a lot of pop elements to it and to enhance those i added accoustic guitars to all the background stuff. thomas has just bought a new fender telecaster with an emg pick-up and it made the key melody sound almost as if played with an e-bow, but without the tremolo touch. i also wrote an extra melody for the second part of the chorus and it worked perfect as a double for the vocals and gave the song a tad of darkness in the midst of all the pop and happy-joy-joy (remember to take that from someone who wrote our last album, anything you don't wan't to slit your wrists to is happy-joy-joy in my book. or it used to be anyways).

tomorrow, it's thomas' turn to work his tonsils. i will make them bleed.



let my balalaika sing what my guitar wants to say.

next week we'll do our very best to lay down the last bits to the last song. we were to start on it this week but i freezed my hands off trying to get to the studio by public transportation and lost my mood along the way (sweden is experiencing its coldest winter for 144 years and apparently i'm having problems finding the right gloves to go along with it). luckily i'd just written lyrics to another song and thomas read it, liked it and nailed it. all in two hours! i'm still a bit amazed that during this process, we haven't really left the studio more than once or twice feeling we'd done a poor job or even saved some work for the next session. and since we are no machines, it has to be inspiration that drives us. i don't think we're exeptional by any means, i'm just glad to experience what i've imagined so many other bands have experienced berfore me.

so, come early march and we have 14 complete songs. and since 14 songs are a bit much for an album we have a new and luxurious problem we've never had to deal with before: we have to pick out songs for the album. right now, since we've just put our souls into everyone of them, that might become a problem. but it's a cross i can bare, haha, making a killer album and all!

talk to you soon.


bastard samurai.

me and thomas were in the studio again yesterday. another one of those fantastic days armed to the teeth with creativity! we'd made plans to do the remaining parts to a song called cobalt sky. the drums were already there, and for the first time ever we've looped some of them, and so was anders' bass parts. thomas had already laid down the vocals for the first part of the song and it helped me alot to catch the feel of it. he'd created magic again. there are some high and distant volcals in the beginning of the song before the verse and to them he'd aded what sounded almost like a gospel choior and it just lifted that part to whole new levels. i'd brought my accoustic guitar and as my boss was late to work that day i sat in the hallway listening to old takes of the song and worked out some new ideas to back up the original guitars. we ended up rearranging most guitars to that part and also they added new dimentions to the very same song. as we came to the end of the session and i'd added all the ideas i could come up with thomas just had to lay the last of the vocals. we just couldn't stop working!

i did not get a rough mix of that song to take home with me, but i did get eleves of the songs we'd already done mixed to what thomas likes to refere as "85% done". i was too tired to listen to them after all that yesterday had to offer so instead i listened to them as i went to work today. i really must say, this is going to be something. it's a weird feeling when things finally fall to place because even if you follow every step of the process really carefully you still really have no clue how things are going to turn out. there are too many parameters to that equation. so when you hear the songs together, almost done, and they let you hear in what direction you are going you listen with big ears. and if you like the direction, like i did, and feels it is everything you wanted and then some, you get struck by a sudden burst of pride and joy.

is going to be swell, folks. just you wait and see. i've put thomas on the mission to make a two minute snippet of random (read: carefully chosen) parts from the songs. this way you can judge yourself if we are doing our job right, instead of me just telling you we are.



too legit to quit!


as of now you can become a fan of lingua at facebook and have your friends discover the greatess of our music too!

world wide domination via world wide web!



just add voice.

so, thomas called me up at four in the afternoon saying he'd written the lyrics for a song we call doomsday (but in swedish). it turns out he'd been having one of those clear vision things going on and wrote the thing in an hour or so. i downloaded the lyrics and not much to my surprise, it was real good. so we took care of that energy and met up in the studio to started recoring the song. some of the lyrics didn't really work out so we changed a few rows and words and then the whole thing grew naturaly. we had a real good wibe tnight and i think it shows in the end result.

as we record i usually only have one earphone and keep the the other ear free. i do it for two reasons: 1. i want to hear exactly how thomas sings and 2. i really like the way thomas sounds! i figured i'd let you in on the fun so i recorded this video on my cell inbetween pressing rec and stop. hope you all enjoy the uncut, unautotuned and truly naked sound of thomas and the italian gestures that come with the drama of the lyrics.



all we need is a little patience.

so, we have drums for all tracks. i still have two songs to add my guitar magic to and then rework some of the old magic that didn't seem all that magical after listening to it later on. anders is on his last song and then there is thomas and his five songs left to sing. some lyrics still need to be written, but in all fairness, if anyone dare think he might be a slow worker, he's in fact been engineering and mixing everything we've recorded and is 85% done with the mixes to the songs that are fully done. that's some amazing work that 1. i would have never pulled off and 2. deserves some serious acknowlegement! hail thomas, now let's work on them lyrics.

we have a good schedual mapped out and we're keeping it so far. as soon as all songs are recorded with the basic drums, bass, guitar and vocals, we're going to add other instrumentation. i'm really looking forward to that since it almost always takes the songs to whole new dimensions. then, in may, the rest of us wait impatiently while thomas finishes the mixes and we get to organize the songs into an album. then, there's more imaptient waiting as we send the album off for mastering. but when that is finally done and we have a complete record with artwork and all. we send it off to aural music and (yep, you should be able to guess this by now) we wait for september and its release.

so, wait is the disease and impatience our cure.

now what?




a small victory.

we're getting there. recently we've:

* recorded the last drum tracks.
* recruited mattia marchi and his photographies for the artwork.
* teamed up with erik svallingson again to make the artwork.
* added more x's to the recording scheme.

and next week we're shredding guitars.

baby steps, people, baby steps.



been caught stealin'.

we've been blogged!

i'd love to say i'm a real hacker, but this guy tipped himself off. he put us in his dowladable mp3-shuffle and got asked about our stuff so he put out a lot of old material on his site. so if there are songs you are missing from our catalogue that we are not giving away, this guys got them. check out this, this and this. he's got more on us than we do, and i love the dedication!



so this is christmas?

happy new year!

we're entering a new decade and 2010 is looking quite exciting already! yes, i know, i sound a bit like a salesman saying it. but i really am looking forward to it! were looking at a release of the album in september but before that, lingua celebrates ten years as a band in july! we really should throw a big party, any suggestions? before that we need to lay down all drum tracks before mid-january because there seems to be something weird going on with our presonus recording system and it needs to be returned for repairs before the warranty runs out. after that we can use another recording system with less pre-amops. so we start out a bit hectic, but that's quite alrigt.

meanwhile, stockholm is experiencing a classic winter with tons of snow for the first time in ages so me and my daughter are out hitting the snow covered hills with the sleigh.

talk to ya soon