big mutha truckin'.

men at work.

signed, sealed, deliverance.

it is official! as of july 28th, aural music released the following statement on their website:

LINGUA SIGNS WITH AURAL MUSIC AND ENTER STUDIO - Lingua from sweden signed a new deal with Aural Music and are currently in the studio making the new and much anticipated follow up to their 2006 debut The Smell of a Life That Could Have Been. If The Smell... was a journey inwards and an ode to the angst of passed youth, the new album breathes heavily of growth and self esteem as most members of the band pushes 30. The music has the same tone as it always has, but the energy is far more intense. This time the music isn't as much searching as it is demanding. Expect nothing but grand landscapes, big productions and, of course, emotional rock when the album hits the shelves. Til then, be sure to check out the band s blog as they update continously from the studio with diaries, pictures and other treats. www.lingua.nu - www.linguamusic.blogspot.com

any questions?
good, let's get to work then.


the world is our oyster.

i recieved a mail the other day saying we need to make new promo shots for the upcoming outing of the album on our new labels website. you'd figure it's not a big deal, but what do you do when everbody's on vacation and you can't even place the whole band in the same city for fifteen minutes for the next four weeks? you do the only thing you can do.

so i booked dates for single shoots with everybody and had my girlfriend photograph me. then i printed the best photos, glued them onto cardboard and cut out little figurines of each and every band member. it took a while, but now i have four linguistic mini me's on my coffe table ready to take on the world. they will climb sand dunes, pose by large trucks and do other things you wouldn't dream of little people doing. so, if you have any ideas of what kind of photos you'd like to see us in, now is the best time to make your voice heard.


lingua getting ready for some action!


black hole sun.

so, me and patrik were in the studio yesterday (we really need to name it one of these days) and it reminded me i had a story to tell you.

a couple of weeks ago we were recording an untitled song that might be one of the oldest ones to be on the record. you can listen to it on our myspace, it's called 'untitled'. it's a short, uptempo track. really powerful and i especially love the fact that it hits its first chorus at 17 seconds. as normal lingua songs has that happening at two minutes (exaggerating a bit), it makes it quite unique. anyways, it was me, thomas and patrik hanging in the studio. we were laying drum tracks and thomas recorded it while i was there to add the right feeling and guidance through the songs. we played it a couple of times as we set the right sound and as we finally settled for a good one we nailed it with a perfect take on the first try. great sucsess. all good in the neighbourhood.

a week later i get a phone call with thomas just saying "you're gonna have to re-record 'uptempo' ". i was just about to get mad as he started laughing. first i thought he was going to take it back but then he started telling me the story. apparently thomas and anders were in the studio adding bass to the takes me and patrik had made. as they were laying down 'uptempo' (or 'untitled' if you will) anders hit chorus too early. "sorry" he said, as they had another go at it. this time, as he once again hit chorus too early it stood clear that we had made the verse too long. the verse is a 3/6 tempo thing with a 4/4 patterned riff. that means we all repeat a 4/4 pattern thrice which makes it a 3/6 tempo (i think, we all suck at musical terms as no one is a schooled musician). but it turns out we had recorded it as a 4/4 completely, repeating the 4/4 pattern four times. so it was back to work and throwing away a (what seemed as) a perfect take.

now, queston, how in the hell did we miss this? we listened to the song a numerous of times, just as many times as we played it. thomas even tried to sing along to the chorus once, we tried to help him. we failed, and blamed the late hour and sleepy heads. what the hell?

well, even the sun has its spots and this story could have gone to the grave quietly and unheard, but do you really think i would let that happen?



what happened?

so, a new album. if you ask me it's about time! we should be on our third. but when we released "the smell..." we were rookies and didn't make the most of what we were given. also, record sales were down worse than ever and that left us quite unprioritized. it was a bad combination. still, we're damn proud and glad we got to make an album, and even more so to be given the chance to make a second. not many bands are that lucky today.

when we made "the smell..." we recorded eight songs and all of those had to make the cut. in retrospect, we all wish we would have recorded a few more just to have an arsenal to choose from. all songs were good from start, but you never know how songs will translate themselves in the studio and there are songs didn't turn out the way we wanted them to. there always is. so when our first royalties came, we decided to buy our own gear and record the music ourselves. this way we can spend any amount of time on any song, wasting only our own time instead of our hard earned in a studio where time is money. the stress runs off, we make better songs. it's a total win. and since we haven't released anything except two pre-recorings on our myspace after our debut, we have loads of material to choose from. we've selected 16 out 28 songs that we hope to record before we sit down, listen to the material and (in worst case) make cuts.

with this new freedom in hand, we enjoy every moment we get in our twenty square meter excuse for a rehearsal room. so far, drums have been layed down for six tracks. three of them have bass and guitar, and we've just started recording some vocals to the songs that have lyrics. i'm not envious of thomas, he has another ten or so lyrics to write before the end of this summer. the rest of
us are merley polishing the last details to our parts and adding strange noises and playing around with ideas that pop up. some are good, some are erased immediately. i'd say the attitude towards the whole process is playfull and open minded. everything is tried at least once. if it works it works. if it doesn't, move on.

we're looking at an exciting summer to come. we'll keep you posted.


signal to noise.

welcome to this blog which will be our new home for a couple of months or more as we record our second album! we figure you have some questions, but let us ask them for you.

a new album, seriously?
yes! we know it's taken a while (read: forever), but a cotract has been signed and equipment has been bought. this baby is going to be recorded in our rehearsal room and so far it sounds great!

why a blog?
it's a perfect tool for this mission, to shed some light over our work and to let you in on the process. we also hope it's a far more interactive way to keep in touch with fans and friends. our goal is be as open as possible, please ask questions.

why not the blog on myspace?
because it sucks.

what's the name of the album? who's producing it? what label is going to release it?
all those questions have answers but will be answered in due time. be patient, as you have been for the last three years.

for now, the blog remains white, as the blank sheet of paper the album still is. but as our wrk progresses, changes are going to be made as artwork and themes are set.

welcome to what is going to the journey to a new lingua album!