billion dollar babies.

we did some promo pictures now that we are back in town as a group
(and thus in no need to use puppets).
here are a couple of results from that session.

all photos by jakob berglund. ask before you use.


no excuses.

my god, these last weeks have been so much work and none of if has been music. i hate when it's like that. i need to play with the band once a week at the least or i get really grumpy. but sometimes i don't run the show and sometimes there are other things to be done. so the best thing is to get them out of the way so you can focus on the important stuff. i'm not the kind of guy who shoves things under the carpet. anyways, come october i'll be rid all them obstacles and back on my main focus: the next lingua album. i know, this sounds a bit one sided. and i do assure you that the rest of the band have been hard at work whilst i've been gone. but they don't write this blog, even though they could at any time. the word is free, but it's my voice you hear.

and speaking about my voice, i thought it would be fun to tell you all how the band met in the first place and how we finally became lingua. i'll be going through all that in a near future. among putting up some videoclips from the studio and maybe even a sneak of some song yet to be heard outside of our studio walls.