all we need is a little patience.

so, we have drums for all tracks. i still have two songs to add my guitar magic to and then rework some of the old magic that didn't seem all that magical after listening to it later on. anders is on his last song and then there is thomas and his five songs left to sing. some lyrics still need to be written, but in all fairness, if anyone dare think he might be a slow worker, he's in fact been engineering and mixing everything we've recorded and is 85% done with the mixes to the songs that are fully done. that's some amazing work that 1. i would have never pulled off and 2. deserves some serious acknowlegement! hail thomas, now let's work on them lyrics.

we have a good schedual mapped out and we're keeping it so far. as soon as all songs are recorded with the basic drums, bass, guitar and vocals, we're going to add other instrumentation. i'm really looking forward to that since it almost always takes the songs to whole new dimensions. then, in may, the rest of us wait impatiently while thomas finishes the mixes and we get to organize the songs into an album. then, there's more imaptient waiting as we send the album off for mastering. but when that is finally done and we have a complete record with artwork and all. we send it off to aural music and (yep, you should be able to guess this by now) we wait for september and its release.

so, wait is the disease and impatience our cure.

now what?




a small victory.

we're getting there. recently we've:

* recorded the last drum tracks.
* recruited mattia marchi and his photographies for the artwork.
* teamed up with erik svallingson again to make the artwork.
* added more x's to the recording scheme.

and next week we're shredding guitars.

baby steps, people, baby steps.



been caught stealin'.

we've been blogged!

i'd love to say i'm a real hacker, but this guy tipped himself off. he put us in his dowladable mp3-shuffle and got asked about our stuff so he put out a lot of old material on his site. so if there are songs you are missing from our catalogue that we are not giving away, this guys got them. check out this, this and this. he's got more on us than we do, and i love the dedication!



so this is christmas?

happy new year!

we're entering a new decade and 2010 is looking quite exciting already! yes, i know, i sound a bit like a salesman saying it. but i really am looking forward to it! were looking at a release of the album in september but before that, lingua celebrates ten years as a band in july! we really should throw a big party, any suggestions? before that we need to lay down all drum tracks before mid-january because there seems to be something weird going on with our presonus recording system and it needs to be returned for repairs before the warranty runs out. after that we can use another recording system with less pre-amops. so we start out a bit hectic, but that's quite alrigt.

meanwhile, stockholm is experiencing a classic winter with tons of snow for the first time in ages so me and my daughter are out hitting the snow covered hills with the sleigh.

talk to ya soon