come talk to me.

i just did an interview for trebuchet magazine, read it here.



the water glass

getting ready for the gig..


apocalypse now and then.

i put together a little clip from our gig at pub anchor last wednesday. tomorrow we head for karlstad in hope to rock some socks off of our fellow swedes. it'll be out first attempt at a video diary so keep your eyes open for updates of me tearing my hair in despair as i try to wrestle modern technology and mold my new found knowledge into something watchable. but first things first, here's us at pub anchor:


anchor steam.

all photos by antonio ravina da silva.



i went to the store and picked me up one of these. if it works like it says it does, you'll be updated with moving pictures a lot more frequently from the lingua camp.
press play on tape!
// misha.


where's me jumper?

this is how good you look when you've been pimped by lingua! i just picked them up and we'll be selling these on gig1 and gig2, the rest will be sold on the world wide web in a near future. i'll tell you when.