let my balalaika sing what my guitar wants to say.

next week we'll do our very best to lay down the last bits to the last song. we were to start on it this week but i freezed my hands off trying to get to the studio by public transportation and lost my mood along the way (sweden is experiencing its coldest winter for 144 years and apparently i'm having problems finding the right gloves to go along with it). luckily i'd just written lyrics to another song and thomas read it, liked it and nailed it. all in two hours! i'm still a bit amazed that during this process, we haven't really left the studio more than once or twice feeling we'd done a poor job or even saved some work for the next session. and since we are no machines, it has to be inspiration that drives us. i don't think we're exeptional by any means, i'm just glad to experience what i've imagined so many other bands have experienced berfore me.

so, come early march and we have 14 complete songs. and since 14 songs are a bit much for an album we have a new and luxurious problem we've never had to deal with before: we have to pick out songs for the album. right now, since we've just put our souls into everyone of them, that might become a problem. but it's a cross i can bare, haha, making a killer album and all!

talk to you soon.


bastard samurai.

me and thomas were in the studio again yesterday. another one of those fantastic days armed to the teeth with creativity! we'd made plans to do the remaining parts to a song called cobalt sky. the drums were already there, and for the first time ever we've looped some of them, and so was anders' bass parts. thomas had already laid down the vocals for the first part of the song and it helped me alot to catch the feel of it. he'd created magic again. there are some high and distant volcals in the beginning of the song before the verse and to them he'd aded what sounded almost like a gospel choior and it just lifted that part to whole new levels. i'd brought my accoustic guitar and as my boss was late to work that day i sat in the hallway listening to old takes of the song and worked out some new ideas to back up the original guitars. we ended up rearranging most guitars to that part and also they added new dimentions to the very same song. as we came to the end of the session and i'd added all the ideas i could come up with thomas just had to lay the last of the vocals. we just couldn't stop working!

i did not get a rough mix of that song to take home with me, but i did get eleves of the songs we'd already done mixed to what thomas likes to refere as "85% done". i was too tired to listen to them after all that yesterday had to offer so instead i listened to them as i went to work today. i really must say, this is going to be something. it's a weird feeling when things finally fall to place because even if you follow every step of the process really carefully you still really have no clue how things are going to turn out. there are too many parameters to that equation. so when you hear the songs together, almost done, and they let you hear in what direction you are going you listen with big ears. and if you like the direction, like i did, and feels it is everything you wanted and then some, you get struck by a sudden burst of pride and joy.

is going to be swell, folks. just you wait and see. i've put thomas on the mission to make a two minute snippet of random (read: carefully chosen) parts from the songs. this way you can judge yourself if we are doing our job right, instead of me just telling you we are.



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just add voice.

so, thomas called me up at four in the afternoon saying he'd written the lyrics for a song we call doomsday (but in swedish). it turns out he'd been having one of those clear vision things going on and wrote the thing in an hour or so. i downloaded the lyrics and not much to my surprise, it was real good. so we took care of that energy and met up in the studio to started recoring the song. some of the lyrics didn't really work out so we changed a few rows and words and then the whole thing grew naturaly. we had a real good wibe tnight and i think it shows in the end result.

as we record i usually only have one earphone and keep the the other ear free. i do it for two reasons: 1. i want to hear exactly how thomas sings and 2. i really like the way thomas sounds! i figured i'd let you in on the fun so i recorded this video on my cell inbetween pressing rec and stop. hope you all enjoy the uncut, unautotuned and truly naked sound of thomas and the italian gestures that come with the drama of the lyrics.