in search of the fourth chord.

ever wondered how we write our songs?


my hero

so, peter steele. another late hero. i remember when i discovered type o negative. i was at a party at some girls house and as always, i was too shy to even begin a conversation with a girl so i sat down by the stereo with the other shy guys and listened to metal insread. no girls arund us liked metal so this became a very good way of alienating oneself from them even more. anyways, my friend tommy showed me a new record he had found called "bloody kisses". the two girls kissing on the cover fueled my interest way more than any of the words he uttered about the record. i was sold right away, the provocating athiest in me responded well to songs like christian woman och the angry teen in me on the rest. i later discovered "slow, deep and hard" which spoke to my anger even more. it became a soundtrack for my last five years as a teen. i was and angry a disillusioned kid and the songs humor about all the dark feelings you have as one helped me laugh about it.

as i read that he ws dead i realized a lot of my hereos seem to die. jeff buckley wrote one of the best albums to come out of the 90's and drowned shortly thereafter before finishing its follow up. dimebag darrell was the doer of things impossible in panter but got shot onstage at a damage plan gig for being in the wrong band. another hero drowned in the swedish archipellago leaving wife and kids behind. when esbjörn svensson died, i didn't mourn much of the future music we'd lost as i did the fact that his kids lost their father.

so in retrospect, to all my fallen heroes, here's another videovaganza to feast your eyes

listen to the bassline to the coffe break, simply amazing stuff.

i've only love for drumsets made out of bricks.

one voice, a billion possibilities.

and to sum them up with another fine artist:

a whole river of derchi's to you all! well, except for dave, we hope to keep you everlong.




spare no instrument!

last week we did some final touches to a couple of the songs. 'cobalt sky' got a new intro. we took harrisons vocals and added a distorted drumloop and some organs and it got quite epic. unusual huh? 'cure lou' (wroking title) got some tambourine and 'temle garden' was given a melodica at the end. my friend daniel from vaka is helping us out adding melotrone to a couple of songs as well. all in all most songs already sounded finished, but as we tried stuff out we noticed that some of the songs lifted enormously with the extra touches. other songs didn't really respond to it at all so we decided to let them be and speak for themselves. all in all a good week with great fun, and as of april 1st, we're officially mixing the album! not warp speed, but definitley forward! we also need to rehearse a couple of times for the upcoming come sleep gig we're doing with our friends switch opens, karpis and moloken on may 7th. it's been a while since we played together as a live entity and not just sat down one person at a time recroding.

i'll leave you with the video of the week and some crazy norwegians. their latest album has some real magic going on i tell you. check it out!