it's a massace.

ok, fellow rockers. here it is, the ugly naked truth. enjoy the show! / misha.


-JP- said...

thanks for sending that to me.. great video. looks like you guys enjoyed yourself there.

so tell me are you ever gonna do a show in America?


LINGUA said...

i thought you'd like it.

we'd love to come over and do shows in the states, no doubt about it. but it doesn't seem like it's going to happen for a while so we've decided to become more open as a band and let the listener in on more proceses. you know, if the band can't come the internet videos will. :) our best option, for now.

/ misha.

-JP- said...

yeah, every bodies on the internet, probably the best way to get noticed, just gotta get the right guy at the right time.

ive still been tossing my video around various sites as well. im gonna add a link to your channel to it. just in case.


beardonaut said...

Jag är lite missnöjd med att Karlskoga inte fick någon kommentar när ni åkte förbi.

LINGUA said...

hear ye, hear ye. men nästa gång kanske vi spelar i karskoga och då får vi väl göra en film om staden i stället.