party hard!

we just wanna say thanks to everyone who showed up to the party yesterday, we had an amazing time! the gig went great, the sound was intense, lots of old and new friends showed up, we sold so many records we're gonna have to order new ones immidiately and the atmosphere was just loving and joyful. thanks a million for sharing this with us! i will try to get a hold of pictures or videos and stuff from this event and post it here. but first i'm gonna have to get through this day of work and then catch up on some sleep.



today is the day we celebrate the day!

wish us luck! and in case yuo can't make it: wish you were there!


the man who sold the world.

and now we're on iTunes as well! a must for all fans new technology who wan't to support the album.


ps. tomorrow we celebrate the release with a huge party! wanna come? ds.


today is the day!

today is the official release date of our latest album 'all my rivals are imaginay ghosts'. i will celebrate that with a fine cigar and some single malt. how will you celebrate?



simply irresistible.

we've got a new website up and running! from there you can easily gain access to the most important lingua sites on the world wide web. you can also download a little press kit including two rather big photos so for all of you who lack lingua posters on your wall you can consider that kit as an invitation to make them yourselves.

and to make things really clear: the facebook group will let you tell other facebook users that you like our music and our myspace has some music and probably the best tour callendar. but this blog will still be the information highway bringing you your lingua truths faster than anyone else.

and do check out last fm. it's awesome!

now go check out new website out!


i bought the law!

ok, so here are the places i know where you can find our NEW album:

www.auralmusic.com (in stock)

and here are some places where you can buy the OLD record:

www.versionstudio.com (in stock)
www.megastore.se (in stock)

if you have found other places that sell them, make a comment about it here! and if you need more options, check the comments to this post.

but the cheapset way to buy it is still at our release party so make sure you don't miss that!


un giorno con lingua.

and as a bonus for all you italian fellas, here's an interview.

Ciao Italia!

and the italians just love us!



hey swedes, buy the record at cdon.com! that is if you are not coming to our release party, then you buy it cheaper straight from us!


loud love!

now, i really shouldn't be writing this, but my hope is that anyone who will attend the release party does NOT follow the following advise. but since most you reading this probably aren't swedes, i'll write it anyway. you see, i just got a hold on some sweet information that our new album is already for sale on auralmusic.com! YES, it's true! go there, buy it, listen to it 'til it's all scratched and unplayable and then buy another copy! BUT, as i said, if you are coming to the party, we wil have sweet deals and you should give your money to us for maximum chance of world domination. now go buy my record!


ps. BUY IT! ds.



i was sent this link, quite fun. me and a couple of friends made a birthday gig last winter and played three tool covers. this is one of them. enjoy!


world wide linguistics.

if hungarian is what floats your boat right now then this is some good reading for you! judging from the only thing understandable for us on the page, the numbers "8/10", we've done good!