rock n roll psychosis.

it only took a month 'cause we are the fastest children in the bunch, but here it finally is: a live clip with two songs from the releaseparty, recorded at lilla hotellbaren in stockholm, sweden, on spetember 27th 2o10. crank the wolume to eleven and play it fullscreen and it will almost feel like you were there (if you weren't there, if you were there this will feel like making a tiny steak from a whole cow).


word up.

a review and another one. they can hear us!
/always misha.

jp is our guy.

on stage in five!

two gigs are booked. both in sweden.

on november 10th we'll be playing pub anchor in stockholm. check out this site and this one too.

on november 19th we're heading to karlstad with our good friends in caballero. we'll be playing at this place on this club.

see you there


q's and a's.

before i answer the few questions we got i'd just like to say i'm kinda glad you didn't ask more questions. it somewhat proves to me i'm not the only one in this world who listenes to the music and couldn't give a shit who the persons behind are. most times, bands are quite uninteresting outside of their soundscape. other times, it's their persona alone that is interesting. therfore i don't read much articles about bands, check out their websites or even read reviews. with all this internet lying around, who needs reviwes anymore? plus, i'm way to busy living to be reading about other people living theirs.

anyways, here goes.

jp wrote -
are you going to make any more albums? i find it sad and irritating that not very much people know of your awesome band.
anyway is there gonna be a new album?

we never know what we are going to do. we pretty much shoot every decision from the hip. right now though, we feel that lingua can go a long way so for now we keep going in that direction. on the other hand, our other bands rövfitta and come sleep came about because we grew tired of always doing lingua, so i definitley think we'll do other stuff as well. but to answer your question: right now we are focusing on promoting this album, but we are eager to get to work on the next.
and as for what our popularity goes, see it as your mission to spread our music to anyone you meet. word to mouth is still number one in our book. go tell the world!

thorsten wrote -
will you support metallica on their next world tour?

we'd love to, but i find it highly unlikely. on the other hand, wouldn't we feel a bit misplaced?

simone wrote -
why aren't you working on a videoclip? you really should do it, it's an amazing way to get attention.

you are absolutely right and we somewhat are. my plan is to make one for prodigal son but i need to come up with an idea that is good and cheap to visualize and then make it myself. something easier said than done when trying to maintain a fulltime work and raising a family. no complaints, i love my life, it just takes time doing some of the stuff. this is still a hobby to us since we don't teally make any money and the money we make go straight to making new records or merch. in shorter words: it's coming, have patience. :)

jp said -
well i did put a video up on youtube of "im not". i would just like to know if there is gonna be another album cuz you can never have enuff lingua.. well i cant anyway..

watch it here.

ian moone wrote -
does anyone know where i can find lyrics? i mean seriously you can find anything on google BUT Lingua lyrics..

for our fist album we didn't want to release them for some artistic reason i can't remeber. for this album we figured we would but forgot to. i have most on my lap top, so mail me at lingua (at) lingua . nu and i'll send all that i have. fair enough?

and that's the end of my lunch break so that's it for this time!
talk to you soon


say it ain't so.

if the questions don't come to the band the band comes to the questions, so here's what i'm thinking: you ask the questions and we'll answer them. so post you questions as comments to this blog post and i'll post a new blog with a bunch of answers. piece of cake! i'll give you a week to sharpen those pencils and formulate your questions and then we'll sit down and answer them. it'll be great.
talk to you soon


i love europe.

since i'm so found of myself i felt i had too google our latest album title and this is what i found.

*the italians keep digging what we do.
*the germans are starting to.
*this guy seem to have his heart into metal and still finds songs to like on our "friendliest" work to date. impressive!
*a swedish fella reminds us that this is indeed a different album than the things we have done before and should be given the benefit of a hearing without preconcieved oppinions.
*here's where to buy the album if you are dutch.
*and here's a polish dude who's grieving the loss of his favourite band, thine.

apparently, we're all over europe.