pennybridge pioneers.

a shitload of pictures were taken this weekend at yeahfestivalen, here are a few of them.

all photos by madelene westling.


and the circus leave town.

it's official. well, it has been for quite some time, but now it's on the internet. for you who don't understand swedish i suggest altavista babelfish or google language tools for a near understanding experience.



i can't get no communication.

ever since the release of "the smell..." we've been listed as latin music on allmusic.com. now, we've heard journalists describe us as goth and had people from the crowd come up after gigs and thankig us for some great emo, so i guess we float arund in different genres and are hard to categorize. and it should be said that i've enjoyed that impession of being hard to pu your thumb on. but even though i don't care much for genres and categories, i wouldn't want them latin lovers to get the wrong impression and mistakenly buy our album for their next salsa fiesta. unfortunately, emailing these guys is not working, so in the meantime i leave you something to giggle at. and, oh, i hope the irony of this is getting through, so you don't think that i'm under the impression of lingua being a big seller or search hit at allmusic.com. i'm not. still funny though.




we're working on it. in the meantime, check out this really old video of us playing 'constant state of puttra' (yup, mascot records spelled it wrong) live at KGB bar in stockholm some five years ago or so. time flies. good times!


on the raod again.

are you sitting at home, bored to your teeth and thinking "gosh, them new lingua tunes sure would be nice to hear, but how am i going to sneak a peak at them before they are released i september?" it's funny you should mention that because..

lingua have been booked for this years edition of yeahfestivalen in ├Ârebro, sweden, and will be playing a whole bunch of them steaming hot new tracks on may 29th. stay tuned on their website as they will soon release the full schedual for all 100 bands and 4 stages. and oh, it does get better, the festival is COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE! so come by, have a beer with us and see some good shows. the more the merrier! feel free to organize your carpooling here on our blog or on our facebook fansite. then grab your tent and come on by! you've really no reason not to.

get more info here.



pictures of you.

more photos! here are some from the photoshoot we did today. big thanks to our patient and endurant models john and madelene, you were great!

john is getting ready for the prom.

the crime scene.

make it work!

all play AND work.

ok, maybe not all play..

she made it happen, the great soile!

tightening the noose.

everything is starting to fall into it's right place and we're tying the sack together. last friday we did a gig with come sleep and it felt good claiming and owning a stage again. soile siirtola was there and she took some photos and we talked a bit about the photoshoot she's doing with us today. click on the pic or go to her website and check them photos out.

we've also named all 14 tracks. they're no longer known as "dregd" or "thomas couldn't make it". nope, nowdays they've got cool names like "it's there, it's life" and "in mere defense". and yes, there's an album title, have i mentioned it yet? our next album is going to be called "all my rivals are imaginary ghosts". think about it.. (pun intended for thomas)

all tracks are reay for master. the artwork is set and most of it is done, at least in my head. the end of may doesn't seem that unrealistic to hold as a deadline worth relying on. yay for us!

god speed and good bless!


i can see clearly.

a brief update is the least we can offer you at this piont. thomas' ears are beyond repair right now and i am impressed with his hard work on the mixes. we are at a "final touches" stage after having been served only one set of mixes. as i've said before, we're a trimed machine on this record. focused like marathon runners and oiled like bearings. we're passing all checkpoints on schedual and come may we're officially in mastering.

we've also changed the entire direction of the artwork. earlier we were to work with mattia marchi again (as we did on "the smell..") and even though he's a great photographer, we felt that an album that has such a different vibe than the last should definitely mark that out in the layout. we also wanted to work with a more direct pictual language rather than the sublime artworks we've done before. for this, we've chosen to team up with soile siirtola. a great live photographer who's done a lot of artwork for many great swedish metal bands but who's nature photographing is way more interesting. we've had the meetings, put the ideas to paper and in mid may we'll try capturing them through a lens. my first direction of a photosession. everything is new on this record.

in may we're also hitting the stage twice. once with come sleep (in stockholm on may 7th) and once with lingua (at the yeah festival in ├Ârebro on may 29th, more on that as we get the information). for that we need to rehearse and as i wrote before, we haven't done much of that lately. so we're ignoring the fact that we sound like we've only just started and hope to reach the point of a well trimmed earcrusher before it's time to hit the stage. keep your fingers crossed..