sleepwalk capsules.

videoaganza time!

i ran across this video and got a flashback from the year me and thomas started lingua. fresh out of school we sat at his parents house and fell in love with at the drive-in's relationship of command. their album had a lot of influence on lingua's early stuff as well as tool, fireside, deftones and dredg. good times!

oh, and the music nerd in me needs to point out the three different verses in this song (or whatever they are). only the choruses are repetitive. pure genious!

tip of the next day.

its a bit old, but it doesn't get old.


tip of the day

crowds want blood.

ok, so what have we been up to lately? well, i'll tell you. after some sickness we went out and NAILED the last vocals to this record. a most interesting track. the most pop we've ever done, and i don't mean pop as in "help" with the beatles. we also added some zulu to another track, coblat sky. our dear friend harrison from capetown, who is from south africa, came to the studio and added some african vocals and taught me how to so i could do it with him. having spent my youth with peter gabriel albums and the last two years listening to artists such as tinariwen and ali farka touré and also rediscovering paul simon's 80's through vampire weekend, it was an extraordinary experience working with harrison and his musical roots. the song, by the way, lifted itself a fifth notch and once this is fully arranged, edited and mixed it will be one of my absolute favourites on this album.



a duche says what?

so, last night i was trying to make a video tour on our studio/rehersal room about our gear and the conditions of the place we record at, just as i've been asked to do (one of the few requests we've actually gotten). but after two minutes of jibberish i heard the sound of my own stumbling voice and called it quits. it turns out my english is only this good when i write. as soon as i start speaking there's a lot of words thrown in to fill out the blanks and it sounds rediculous. it just doesn't sound cool (or educative for that matter) when a swedish guy says "y' know?", "n' shit" and can only reach for prhrases like "cool sounds" or "awesome noise" to describe what comes out of his speakers. so, if we are to blog about our gear, it needs to be written in words, not spoken in slang.

instead, i did what i do best and worked my stuff on a song we call "dredg" (and by now you should know why). it has a lot of pop elements to it and to enhance those i added accoustic guitars to all the background stuff. thomas has just bought a new fender telecaster with an emg pick-up and it made the key melody sound almost as if played with an e-bow, but without the tremolo touch. i also wrote an extra melody for the second part of the chorus and it worked perfect as a double for the vocals and gave the song a tad of darkness in the midst of all the pop and happy-joy-joy (remember to take that from someone who wrote our last album, anything you don't wan't to slit your wrists to is happy-joy-joy in my book. or it used to be anyways).

tomorrow, it's thomas' turn to work his tonsils. i will make them bleed.