temple of love.

a vivid clip from an eager photographer.
not the best sound, but quite fun to watch. / misha.


draw the line.

earlier this year, an extreme right wing party was elected by 5.7% of the swedish voters to join the government. two days ago, sweden experienced an act of terrorism and it's first suicide bombing in central stockholm. the acts had no direct connection with each other, but indirectly they did.

these both events make me sad. i don't get angry about it, enough people are. it is anger, fear and ignorance that form these acts of insanity and their following rash and juvenile precausions. it reminds me how important it is that we think for ourselves and question everything, even ourselves. every single day.

as the world constantly learns more about itself, shouldn't we become more aware and less afraid?
and as the world constantly shrinks with all communicative possibilities handed, is it really that hard to see that we are not all that different as we sometimes believe?

it's all connected. we're all connected. no matter how many borders we draw or walls we build. isolation is devastating. borders are imaginary and only real in our heads.


lingua | Myspace Video

No land's an island
No man's a country
I've never seen a civil

In search of home
Some bury others
Yes, home is everything but
It's not a piece of land

Know what compels us
A vicious catalyst
All borders drawn in blood are
Drawn from our fears

Nothing's forever so why
Piss all these territories
They are not written in stone
They're pissed in snow

Own plot, won't travel
Own fear, will ravel
It builds no man or woman
To inherit pride

Can you speak freely?
Or do you freely sleep?
No land can set me free, no
No land can speak for me

In search of home
Just close your eyes


it's a massace.

ok, fellow rockers. here it is, the ugly naked truth. enjoy the show! / misha.


we've got more coming..

ok, so the tour diary was actually done, but then i figured out how to subtitle the film. so now i still have shitloads to do. give me a few more days on this one..



diary of a mad band.

well, not really. but i'm working on a tour diary video and so far we've packed our gear, driven the distance, soundchecked and warmed up with a little pre party at the hotel. next up is showtime, after party, continental breakfast and the long way home.

i'ma gonna get back to work then...