our dear friends in a swarm of the sun release their full lenght album zenith today and playing bass on a few tracks is none other than our very own anders carlström. misha, anders and thomas have been part of their live band and it is erik of a swarm of the sun who is versionstudio that recorded and released come sleep and sells our merch. so do check them out on their website and listen to their older stuff on spotify.

in four weeks it's time for another release. good times!



eye of the beholder.

now, this is the undisputed truth: if you are ANYTHING like this guy, you will absolutely agree with his every word. in fact, if i had his taste in music, i would agree the shit out of his review. fortunately, i have not.

for a great reading experience for those who lack a german vocabulary i give to thee: altavista babelfish.

/misha, the uninspired guitarist. ;)

party hard!

you can't release a cd without having a party, right? the plans are still quite vague but these few elements of facts can be considered truths: on september 27th we're having it here. basically, it will be dj's, a chance to be the first to lay your hands on the new cd and, of course, a live performance from the band. but stay tuned as we lay the exact facts down as soon as they are written in stone.

p, a, r, t. y? because we gotta!


its complexity is everything but a handicap.

first review found. looking good! read it here.



true love waits.

ladies and gentlemen, we have a release date!

yes, it's true, on september 24th you will be able to purchase your own copy of lingua's second album "all my rivals are imaginary ghosts". will be back with more info on where to purchase this phenomenal album.

and i've forgotten to tell you, as of july this year, we celebrate a decade as a band! not bad, eh?

//misha. old in the game, young at heart.