famous last words.

a month or so after breaking up we recieved a request for an interview with polish site rockoko. we hadn't gone official yet but once we did i checked to see if they still were interested, figuring i'd spill my guts for the band one last time. they were. read 'em and weep.


and i'm glad to announce that thomas, patrik and anders continue to make music ( and aparently lots of it) in a project called the isolation process. follow their facebook site here.

that's it for now.


RockOko said...

Misha, cheers.


Youngm said...

I had to get both CDs imported to the united states and it puts a dent in me that nobody I know in the united states has ever heard you guys. It actually ticks me off especially being in Kansas. You inspired me to drive my musical talent deeper than ever and I trully thank you guys.

Matthew William Young

Youngm said...

I had to have your albums imported to the united states. It puts a dent in me that anybody I know here have never heard you guys especially in Kansas. It trully pisses me off. You inspired me to drive deeper in my musical talent as a guitarist. I trully thank you guys.

Matthew William Young

LINGUA said...

Dear Matthew, thank you so much for your kind words! It's amazing that someone on the other side of the world can get so inspired by something I helped create. That I passed on a feeling that was once passed on to me, I'm gonna take that with me for a long time.

And don't be angry because we didn't get publicity or reached world wide fame. I would have been a lousy rock star, never "making it" kept it sane. It was always about the music, it could not have happened any other way. Thank you for listening and keeping it alive, though.

Cheers / Misha.